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March issue of Cosmopolitan November issue of Cosmopolitan, cover by Harrison Fisher This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There was also a department for the younger members of the family. John Brisben Walker acquired the magazine in That same year, he dispatched Elizabeth Bisland on a race around the world against Nellie Bly to draw attention to his magazine. Walker, formerly with Harper’s Monthly, took over as the new editor, introducing colour illustrations, serials and book reviews.

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Cosmo magazine finally embraces same-sex lovemaking with first-ever lesbian sex guide by Gabrielle Bonghi, Posted: July 29, When I was younger, one of my first introductions to sex was in the pages of my friend’s mom’s issues of Cosmopolitan magazine. We would spend hours skimming over the various advice columns, health, beauty and sex tips, and even read aloud the racy stories in the back pages and giggle with embarrassment.

It was almost no different, if not less racy, than the heterosexual male’s ceremonial first Playboy. Being that I was raised in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic school through high school, sex was never up for discussion. I do recall a brief once-offered assembly that split us pubescent girls and boys into separate rooms where the process of pregnancy and birth was, uh, explained. It was the lousiest excuse for a sex education course which was taught by nuns — who are widely known for being sexperts.

My parents also tiptoed around the topic and I certainly wasn’t brave enough to ask. Hence, I turned to the ease of grabbing a Cosmo magazine off the shelf of my local pharmacy to absorb every word I could in hopes of enlightening myself with the basics of sexuality. Over the years, I tired of the publication’s lack of realistic advice and columns, which they seemed to recycle year after year. It became less of a read for young maturing women and more of a salacious flip-through for teenage boys.

I wasn’t sure who they were trying to appeal to anymore. And with the rise of gay rights and activism, it was always surprising to me that Cosmo never took advantage of the increasing demand for same-sex offerings.

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Join me as I share my own story and those of others from the young and widowed community. This time of year can also be stressful for a widow or widower who has anxiety about introducing a new partner to the entire family. If the celebration is To believe in a happily ever after when yours was unfairly and untimely ripped from you To have to take a self-inventory of who you Additionally, there were a series of other You might have even read it in one of my previous blogs.

I believed it too. As widows, the worst thing that will ever happen to us has already happened. You shouted it from the rooftops when it came to dealing This post takes nothing away from that love that I continue to have for him I know you planned on your spouse being here to weather the storms of life with you.

He was supposed to be here for the first day of school and graduation, the weddings and the grandchildren. He should be here,

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Would you accept a first date invite via a text? Honestly, is romance really that dead? A friend of mine received a two-message text that went something like this. Hope you are having a great week. I would love to get to know you, are you available for a drink after work this week?

Dating as a survivor often brings out traumatic memories, sensations, and emotions because of past experiences. When a current partner is empathetic, educated, and understanding, however, that can make dating easier to manage for both parties.

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Esquire and Cosmopolitan conducted a joint poll to find out the similarities and differences between what men and women think about various sex topics.

Makeup Sex is Monkey Sex! You can find a portion of my answer in the November issue of Cosmo. Think of makeup sex as hot monkey sex. The evolutionary roots of makeup sex come from our closest primate relatives: After they fight, chimpanzees who had been opponents reconcile by kissing and hugging. Bonobos, a unique variety of chimpanzees, actually have sex after a conflict almost as if they are showing their mate they will still be exciting lovers despite their fight.

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